Brampton Skin Care-eduCent App

eduCent edu-Education and Cent-Center, is a mobile app product for educational institutes (colleges & universities). App is free to download & use for students who are willing to pursue or are currently pursuing education at any level.

eduCent provides access to a great deal of information throughout, which otherwise is usually only covered as part of orientation program at the beginning of the program year in education institutes. Institution provides its students with the power of eduCent app i.e: access to the staff and faculty members when required; access to very important information including FAQs, Knowledge Base, Jobs, Career Centre connectivity, up-to-date activities in the institute, social media connections & much more at the finger tips of students, turning their students’ academic experience to be amazingly unique. On the receiving end, students don’t visit informational sites and/or login into various systems to access required information and/or get their queries addressed, instead they turn down to their own smart phones. It’s easy!