Will the courses (Diploma and Certificate) help me provide a full-time job?

Courses at Brampton Skin Care help students to get good full-time jobs. Many of our graduates are successful in their careers. Graduates can open their salons as they are provided quality training and experience as part of their courses.

When does the courses begin?

Diploma courses begin three times a year whereas Certificate courses commence every month. For more information, visit Programs section on our website.

I want to know more about the curriculum

The curriculum for every course is divided into: theory and practical. After finishing the theoretical part, students practice on clients to gain experience. Visit the Programs for more information.

What is the schedule for courses?

For diploma and certificate courses, schedules are fixed. Students can opt in classes for certificate courses whenever they are available. Visit the Program Schedule for more information about the classes.

How do I get to the Academy?

Our academy is quite easy to locate. We are located on the Steeles east, on Rutherford rd, South. Our address is 350, Rutherford road south, Plaza 1, Brampton ON.