Aman Khinda

I graduated from Brampton Skin Care Academy in 2007 Both Hairstyling and Advanced Aesthetics Diploma these two years I spent in this Academy was the best of my life. The excellent experience I can share with all those who are deciding to go to school here not only I learned aesthetics or hairstyling I grow and improved as person who I was before and who I am now is a big difference. The teachers and school director pays individual attention to all the students everyone feels comfortable talking to teachers for any questions or concerns. It is a big school with lots of rooms for practical and classes and school has huge clientele for students to practice on real people that is how I am so confident in my work and moved here in Vancouver BC found a job right away my boss is very happy with my work and attitude toward this industry I recommend all those who are thinking of career in Aesthetics and Hairstyling Industry Brampton Skin Care Academy is the #1 for it and I am very proud of myself that I am graduated student of BSCA

Amandeep Kaur

I am an international student graduated from hairstyling program at Brampton Skin Care Academy. The training provided to all the students in this school is phenomenal. Teachers and management is very friendly and knowledgeable. I am so thankful to the staff and the Director of BSCA for the extra help in achieving the academic Diploma and my work permit in order to get a permanent residency. I was able to achieve all the above because of school’s excellent reputation and clean records from last 12 years.

Products and supplies are always available for students to work on each other and play around with the products which gives, new learners working experience and knowledge.

The school has huge clientele where students get more experience by working on real people and it helps them to become professionally trained hairstylists or aestheticians.

I am so proud of my decision of choosing Brampton Skin Care Academy for my career; I highly recommend this school to those who are looking for Cosmetology school for their career.