The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Hairstyle Trends Through the Years

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Hairstyle Trends Through the Years

In Roman times the quality of your hairstyle dictated the state of your social standing.  Hairdos were so involved they required daily attention and only the most complicated and elaborate styles would do as it was an indication of the amount of manpower that could be hired to attend to it.  Hair was rarely cut, just braided, layered, curled and powdered into intricate works of art piled artfully on the head.  Not much changed until the 1920’s when women celebrated their independence with shortened hemlines, higher heels and the world’s first hair craze: The Bob, which is still worn today.  Other hair crazes have followed, but which will stand the test of time?

Pompadour – Made popular by Elvis, this rockabilly style required a little grease and a lot of attitude.

The Pixie – A very short and very bold cut with an above-the-brow fringe. Think Audrey Hepburn.

Beehive –  The only thing higher than this conical-shaped hairstyle balanced on top of the head was the aerosol levels from all the hairspray needed to acquire it.

The shag – The Beatles brought this casual and choppy look to fame, where shorter hair in the back meets longer and unkept hair in the front.

The Farrah – The first hairstyle to be named after the woman who immortalized it, a feathered ‘do for long hair was all the rage in the ‘70’s when Farrah Fawcett first sported it.

Mullet – Arguably the least attractive hairstyle on men, the mullet was long at the back and short on the sides and appeal.

Mohawk – Although a popular hairstyle amongst indigenous people for centuries, the English punk scene made a stripe of tall spiked hair on an otherwise bald head the latest ‘80’s craze.

The Rachel – The most requested hairstyle to date, this haircut named after a fictional TV character is known for its long, blown-out bangs with straightened tiers.

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